Blocked Downspouts and How to Unclog Them

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One of the signs you have a blockage in your home drainage system is when you notice a mysterious rotting smell coming from somewhere in your downspouts. Getting your downspouts unblocked and putting in place a Rockford, IL gutter maintenance program for your drainage system, you can be assured that the clogging will not happen again.

Why You Should Unblock Your Downspouts

Apart from the smell issue, there are several other reasons why you should always keep your downspouts clear. Among these reasons include:

Cracked Foundation and Leaking Basement

Clogged gutters have been isolated as the number one reason why basements have water problems. Blocked downspouts can cause a constant overflowing of rain water which ends up settling around your foundation thus weakening the footings and causing cracks.

Rotten Wood

When debris piles up around the shingle or flashing line, they can hold moisture and affect the fascia board.

Cracked and Sagged Walkways

Pooling of water due to bad drainage can cause your driveways and walkways to crack.

Cleaning Out Clogged Downspouts

There are several approaches to cleaning blocked downspouts. However, the first step is in identifying where the clog is so that you can have a targeted cleanup process. The following are some of the areas prone to clogging in your gutters.

Downspout Cages – To unblock this section in your gutter system, you should first remove all the debris lodged in the gutter and thereafter replacing the cage. Where the cage is not in good shape, you can get a replacement screen.

Loose Hangers or Spikes – Spikes and hangers may slip free and land in the gutter system thereby trapping debris. To clean this, simply remove the debris from the clogs and thereafter repair or reposition the supports.

Elbows and Seams – These are vulnerable to clogging. To unclog elbows, use a leaf blower to blow out the debris from the bottom. If you can’t reach the clog, disassemble the elbow and remove the clog. You can also free the obstruction with a hose, stick, pressure washer, or a plumbing snake.

Underground Clogs – If you can’t find the blockage and you have downspouts underground, the clog could be in the underground pipe. The best approach here is to remove the downspout at the point where it enters the ground. Inspect to confirm whether there is a clog and if the answer is yes, you can use a plumbing snake or use a hose to remove it.

If these tricks do not yield results or you find them a bit cumbersome, you can contact a Rockford drainage expert to take care of it fast and professionally.